Friday, March 29, 2013

Recent 11th Company Interview Reflection (Part 1)

I recently was interviewed by Pat of 11th Company fame.  Pat also being a long time Daemon player made for a great conversation.  I really like listening to these guys, so you should check them out if you have a little commute or painting time to spare.  You can listen to Episode 156 here.  My interview is about an hour and a half in.

So, I listened to my interview and want to post some reflections about my early thoughts on the Chaos Daemon codex based upon my showing at the March Contest of Champions.  I went 0-3 in all close games, but never the less took a beating that day.  I'm used to 2-1 or 3-0 results so I had to man up and be a gracious looser.

At 1500 points a took an All-Tzeentch list to see if I could make a proper go at it with the new codex.  My list looked something like this (I don't have the actual points load out with me):

- Fateweaver
- 2 Heralds of Tzeentch w/ Locus of Conjuration (one ML2 and one ML1) and Exhaulted gifts

- 16 Pink Horrors with Blasted Standard
- 12 Pink Horrors (naked)

- 3 Flamers (pyrocaster upgrade on 1)
- 4 Flamers (naked)
- 4 Flamers (naked)

- 6 Screamers

- Tzeentch Soul Grinder w/ pleghm

- Aegis Defense Line w/ quad gun

Fateweaver - which is too bad because I just bought a Fine Cast model of this guy after using a LoC forever in this spot.  His re-roll on the warp storm table and single die re-roll is not worth 300 points.  He is less durable than previously and once he's locked in combat any real value he had diminished greatly.  Had I taken a DP or LoC I would have fared better.

Pink Horrors - I previously wrote about how the shooting on these guys isn't that bad.  It isn't - BUT deny the witch is THAT good, and losing overwatch is a big deal.  I used to take 20 horrors and my opponents would have to really debate the assault before committing.  Now, there is no reason not to assault this unit.  This cost me one of the games.

Tzeentch - I'm still waiting on a GW FAQ to correct what I believe was a mistake on the Buring Chariots (not being able to move and shoot).  Psychic shooting is rough, Eldar, Space Wolves and Tyranids are going to relegate my Tzeentch Daemons to casual play unless I ally in Slaanesh, Khorne or C:CSM.  I'm simmering this decision as I write.

Soul Grinder - Even AV 13 only requires a single penetration to toast near 200 points.  This is the problem with vehicles in general.  No complaints, but he got popped on turn 1 in my first game.

Deployment - Being able to deploy models lulls my opponents into a false sense of security.  I wasn't too sure about this, but when used properly this can be every bit as flexible as the old Daemonic Assault rules.

Tzeentch Heralds - Yes, prescience is that good, presuming you can hex your opponents DtW die. The Locus of Conjuration is great also, psychic shooting is just way too random...


  1. Hey I've been playing tzeentch daemons since the new book. And i can say I faired well with them. A lot of stuff has lost a lot of power.
    I've been running LoC, one Herald, 3 squads of horrors. 2 squads of 10 and one 20. 3 squads of screamers of 4 each. And soul grinder and a DP. I try and get both the grimoire and the hope for the div power that gives a 4++. Turn one grimoire a squad of screamers for a 3++ or a 4+ cover in case it fails. Most times my opponent fires most of their stuff at them to keep their tanks alive. Which gives my dp and LoC time to get up and ready for a charge. The horrors I roll for what powers they get but I have almost always used the default. Unless I roll a bolt which Still isn't the best.

  2. I always like reading other people's play styles and opinions on daemons. I have just had a hard time getting them to work with anything but Flying Monstrous critters, especially now that Tau is out.