Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Death of the tri-land raider Dark Angel list, and other FAQ updates...

No meaningful updates to the Chaos Daemons codex in 2 months...  Argh, the pain of it all!

Here are a few things that did get an FAQ:
  • Instant Death does not remove 2 bases on Swarms.  This has been debated on the Interwebz for years; now we have an answer.
  • The DA Power Field Generator does not apply to vehicles when the unit is embarked.  No more tri-land raider shenanigans.
  • Gunslinger does not allow for multi-witchfire hotness.  Can't say I'm suprised here.
  • Yes, templates can deviate out of LOS and still kill things (thank you very much).
  • Abaddon can not be spawned or turned into a Daemon prince through Dark Apotheosis.  Way to write in a whole new rule into the codex.  Hello, Bueller?  Where are the C:CD FAQs?
  • C:DA - the SoD applies to Boltguns, TL Boltguns, Combi-boltguns and Hurricane bolters.
You can find all the deets here:


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