Friday, November 23, 2012

Daemon update schedule for February 2013

Most of you have already head that Dark Angels are getting a new codex in January 2013 (announced in the December 2012 White Dwarf).  We've heard continued confirmation that a Daemons update is coming out for February.

Nothing has changed though from what I have heard, that it will be a White Dwarf insert, instead of a codex/ armybook release. So that is what we have ahead of us, and here is Hastings with a few words on it.

via 75hastings69  over on Warseer
DA would be up for preorder in Dec and Daemons release in Feb

That release order I posted still stands BTW

(in response to the question "will we see blight drones in the release")
Not blight drones but similar, I can see 40k players using the FW blight drones instead of the big nurgle flies ridden by plagubearers that are getting released.

Here is Hastings release order that he had posted previously.

For clarity running order for 40k & wfb =
40k starter
Chaos Space Marines
Warriors of Chaos
Dark Angels
Chaos Daemons/Daemons of Chaos
High Elves
Lizard Men

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