Thursday, February 21, 2013

Limited Edition Chaos Codexes/Army Books

GW is releasing limited edition Chaos Codexes and Army Books this weekend for presale.  They will be $90 each USD and there will be 4 of each available, one dedicated to each of the Chaos Gods.  Sounds cool if you have the money and a strong preference for a particular Chaos God.

However, an email from GW to resellers says, "will go up for pre-order on the Games Workshop website this weekend.  because of the extremely limited nature of these itms we are expecting them to sell out this weekend.  Please do not take preorders or prepayments for these products, [customers] best chance to secure one of these items is to visit the website and purchase it themselves."

I can also confirm that this list of items for sale otherwise is what has been posted elsewhere (all USD/CAN) and is for sale for delivery on March 2:

Codex - 49.50/59.50
Army Book - 49.50/59.50
Battle Magic - 11/13
Psychic Cards - 7.50/9
Burning Chariot of Tz - 40/50
Plague Drones (3) - 60/70
Blood Throne - 40/50
Herald of Nurgle - 25/30
Herald of Khorne - 22.25/30
Herald of Slaanesh - 22.25/30
Battalion/Battlefoce - 115/140
Limited Edition Codex - 90/110 (available in Khorne/Tz/Nurgle/Slaanesh)
Limited Edition Army Book - 90/110 (available in Khorne/Tz/Nurgle/Slaanesh)


  1. Canada has a strong dollar. We're not as hosed as Australia, but if I lived near the boarder, it would make sense to buy from the US.

    1. I would imagine that a lot of our friends north of the border mail order from the US. I understand that many people in Oz mail order from the US too?